Western Herbalism + Counseling


Kelsey Riley 

Owner -  A N T I K Wellness

Kelsey has a MS in clinical psychology from CU Boulder and a Certification in Western Herbalism from the California School of Herbal Studies. After years of working in psychiatric hospitals, wellness clinics and owning two successful botanical companies, she now uses her knowledge and wisdom to integrate talk therapy and herbalism by connecting the emotional body to the physical body through plant medicine. By gaining awareness of how our minds manifest physical symptoms in the body, she uses plant allies to bring you back in alignment with your true nature. Each session dives deeper into your uniqueness as a human being by evaluating your constitution and matching your state of being with plants that can help support you and bring you back to you true self.


1.5 Hour New Client Session                        $135

1 Hour Session                                              $80

Herbal Remedies                                    (prices vary)